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Referrals:  It's YOUR insurance...whether YOU bought it for YOURSELF, or YOUR employer provided it for YOU...it's
YOUR insurance...it's up to YOU to understand YOUR coverage, YOUR benefits, and what's required of YOU to have
the cost of YOUR visit, YOUR tests, and YOUR treatments covered by YOUR insurance carrier.  Please take the time
to familiarize YOURSELF with YOUR insurance!  We may not be able to answer questions about YOUR coverage.  If
YOU are required to have a referral prior to being seen...YOU must make certain that the referral has been generated
by YOUR referring Physician's office, and that it is available for our office to access and submit such that we can be
reimbursed for our services.  YOU expect to get paid for YOUR work at YOUR job...and we expect the same.  If YOU
don't have YOUR referral...regrettably...we may have to reschedule YOUR appointment!  WE will try our best to help...
but PLEASE understand YOUR responsibility! 

Fees:  We use a "standard" fee schedule for our specialty, adjusted to be "average" for this region.  If you have
questions about fees, please ask them prior to your visit, or during your visit...but please ask them!  Dr. Matlick is
contracted by most insurance plans in our area, and accepts assignment from most HMO and PPO plans.  If YOU have
a copay, it is expected that it will be paid at the time of service unless advance arrangements are made.  For some
reason, this seems to be an awkward concept for some...Macy's, Acme, Shop Rite, K-Mart, WaWa, Exxon, and all
other area businesses expect payment at the time of service.  The Physicians office is no different.  Also, if you must
cancel an appointment, please give us at least 24 hours notice.  Missed appointments may be subject to a fee.

Privacy Policy:  This Medical Practice, like all businesses in the United States, is required to keep your personal
information private according to a strict set of guidelines governed by the HIPAA act. 

Billing:  Our office contracts Millenium Office Practice Management Associates to manage ALL of our office and
insurance billing.  Please direct ALL billing questions to the Millenium Group as per the directions on your billing
statement or call them at 1-877-293-1864, or 1-201-818-9118.  Please don't just ignore your bill!  It won't go away. 
Problems can be addressed, errors can be corrected, and in hardship cases, adjustments can be made.

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