Dr. Lonny Matlick
has been practicing in the
Atlantic & Cape May County
area for over 22 years...His
continuing dedication to
Quality Patient Care
remains second to none!

Lonny D. Matlick D. O
Northfield (609) 641-6644      CMCH (609) 465-3100
Ear Care and Cleaning
General Ear Nose and Throat

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* Ear Disease and Cleaning        
* Hearing Disorders
* Tinnitus (Ringing Ears)
* Vertigo/Balance Disorders                
* Nose and Sinus Disorders   
* Nasal Allergies
* Throat and Voice Disorders
* Salivary Gland Disorders
* Swallowing Disorders
* Skin Disorders of Face and Neck
* Headache

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