Lonny D. Matlick D. O

As a specialist in the field, Dr. Matlick uses a "soft touch" suction technique.  Utilizing an
operating microscope and a series of small surgical suction tubes and other tools, the ear
canal can be accurately and completely cleaned in most cases with little or no discomfort. 
Maintenance cleaning is the best way to keep your ears performing to their maximum...
especially with our older and hearing impaired patients whose difficulties are compounded
by accumulated wax.  A customized cleaning program may be suggested depending on
the findings at the time of your examination.  Patients wearing hearing aids should have
their ears cleaned at least twice each year. 

Dr. Matlick rarely recommends wax softening drops, or "ear bulb" home cleaning kits. 
Experience has shown that these methods only break down the ear wax to the
consistency of "molases"...and rarely lead to a truly clean and well functioning ear.

Not sure how your ears are doing?  Come on in and get them checked up!  Take AT LEAST
as good care of yourself as you would your car! (continued on next page)
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Ear Care and Cleaning
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