Lonny D. Matlick D. O
Caring As Part Of Your Care Since 1985
Sage advice for all!  You can't see into your own ears, so you really don't know if they
need cleaning...and once you take the plunge, you certainly don't know how clean you've
gotten them, even if you did manage to excavate some ear wax.  Fact is that more often
than not, you've pushed more wax in than out! 

Wax, proper name CERUMEN, is a natural product produced by tiny glands in the skin of
your ear canal.  It acts as a waterproofing agent to keep the skin healthy.  It also has a
germicidal property, and helps to maintain a slightly acid pH in the canal which also helps
to ward off germs.

Although everyone has wax, some are more vigorous producers than others.  Occasionally,
the phenomenon is uneven, with one ear making much more wax than the other.  The
reasons for these findings remain a mystery to an extent, but suffice it to say that there are
times when ear cleaning becomes a necessity.  It is recommended that proper cleaning be
performed by a Physician. 

There are various methods used to clean ears.  The most often used is irrigation.  In this
method, a large syringe or bulb of warm water is used to flush wax from the ear canal. 
Done properly, the water will gently displace the bulk of the accumulated wax, but the
method does have it's downside...not working well when wax is tightly impacted, and
imparting a slight risk of infection and eardrum perforation.  (continued on next page)

Ear Care and Cleaning