Lonny D. Matlick D. O
Dr. Matlick was born in 1955.  He received his B.A. in Biology from
Rutgers College in 1976, and followed with an M.S. in Microbiology in 1977....
also from Rutgers.  He then attended the University of Medicine and Dentistry
of New Jersey's School of Osteopathic Medicine, and graduated as part of it's
inaugural class in 1981.  Dr. Matlick did his Internship and Residency at UMDNJ
as well, through the Kennedy Health System.  He obtained his board certification
in Otolaryngology and Orofacial Plastic Surgery in 1989.  The Doctor maintains
staff priveleges at Cape Regional Medical Center, and Shore Memorial Hospital.

In the late 1990's, Dr. Matlick developed some complex disc disease of his lower
spine that was aggravated by the various positions required to perform surgery.
So as to protect his own health, and with respect for his family responsibilities,
the Doctor opted to abandon his Surgical practice in favor of the part-time practice
of Medical Otolaryngology.  Since that time he's been providing office-based
consultations and minor office diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Dr. Matlick's particular interests in his field include headache, ear care and hearing preservation, geriatric Ear, Nose, and Throat care, and the evaluation and treatment of vertigo.

In addition to his office responsibilities, Dr. Matlick has been a clinical instructor
at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, and has participated
in teaching Head and Neck Anatomy to first year medical students for the past
15 years.

Outside of the office the Doctor likes to remain active in the community when he's
able.  He's been involved in Scouting, has volunteered in the local school system, and
also remains active on the teaching, and receiving end of Continuing Medical Education.

Further outside of the office, Dr. Matlick has found a niche as an advanced amateur
photographer, and avid gardener and bonsai artist.  During your visit, don't hesitate
to strike up a conversation about "the current state of Medicine", or on a lighter note,
ask about the Doctor's collections, which include hand-blown glass spheres (art glass
marbles), and whimsical birdhouses, many of which he creates himself. 
Caring As Part Of Your Care Since 1985

Caring As Part Of Your Care Since 1985